Aquarian: Mutations I: Death, Taxes & Hanger (Dekmantel, 2022)

April 11, 2022 at 6:36 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Aquarian: Mutations I: Death, Taxes & Hanger

The first of two EPs from the Berlin-based producer (and half of AQXDM) is nothing less than a molten fireball which constantly changes appearance but still retains the same power whichever state it’s in. The title track is rocket-fueled d’n’b/breakcore hurling through the galaxy, and “Rene Likes the Steak” inhabits the more cosmic side of breakbeat IDM. “Sam Handwich” is a cracking electro stormer with a repeated message that’s just a bit too obscured to understand. “Dead Whale” takes up 9 minutes, so it’s one of those tracks that asks you to come sit down and stay for a while, and when you do, your mind is gradually tilted sideways by steadily percolating acid synths and slashing breaks. I was not expecting this release to be this amazing and do not want to miss Aquarian at Dekmantel this year.

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