Yoshinori Sunahara: Lovebeat – 20th Anniversary 2021 Optimized Re-Master 2xLP (Ki/oon, 2001/reissued by Great Tracks, 2021)

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Yoshinori Sunahara: Lovebeat – 20th Anniversary 2021 Optimized Re-Master 2xLP

A mid-career solo album from Yoshinori Sunahara (Denki Groove, Sweet Robots Against the Machine, Metafive) gets its first proper vinyl reissue, with remastered sound and a bit of bonus content. This is spacious, loungey downtempo IDM with exquisite sound design and very Kraftwerkian robot vocals guiding the songs. Tracks like “Balance” are calming and spa-worthy, but also have a bit of slowed-down machine funk to them. The title track might be the hit of sorts, but “Spiral Never Before” is surprisingly melancholy, and “Echo Endless Echo” is a brief indicator of what the artist’s music would be like if he explored more of his analog space synth influences. Some of the tracks at the end of the album seem to get scientific and political, with warnings of “controversy” and “uncontrollable activity”. The fourth side of the record contains a new, dubified remix of “Lovebeat”, plus a sequence of demos and loops that weren’t fleshed out into full songs, some of which might’ve actually been too exciting for this generally chilled-out album.

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