Hal Galper Trio: Invitation to Openness (Origin Records, 2022)

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Hal Galper Trio: Invitation to Openness

After last year’s release of a stellar live set by the 1977 Hal Galper Quintet, Origin now releases a 2008 date from a trio led by the pianist, this time including Tony Marino on bass and Billy Mintz on drums. Recorded live at a studio overlooking the Catskills for radio broadcast on WJFF, this set was casual and unforced, with no interference from engineer Dana Duke, who reportedly just pressed record and walked away during some of his sessions with the band. A mix of standards (Gershwin, Ellington, Parker) and originals, the band’s playing rumbles and scatters, sometimes darting across the tracks and tumbling over the melodies. The audience applause reinforces how spontaneous this all is, not that anyone would mistake this for a polished studio construction. Ellington’s “Take the Coltrane” seems like the most free-spirited track, until they rip through Charlie Parker’s “Constellation” at warp speed.

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