v/a: Continuum-z (E-Beamz, 2022)

March 17, 2022 at 8:54 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

v/a: Continuum-z

Functioning somewhat like a state of the current neo-jungle scene, this is a can’t-miss selection of stellar breakbeat tracks. While lush vibes are abound there’s plenty of tracks that twist the paradigm. Filter Dread’s “Neon Horizon” could be a more straightforward d’n’b roller but it’s bent way out of shape, with very disrupted beats and bass that hits in fat, bell-shaped bullet points. DJ Cosworth’s “MTX in the RS” is just out of control, hitting you with the most explosive breaks after dramatic pauses. DJ Decay’s “Let’s Talk About That Trust Fund” mangles a mess of breakbeats under thumping kicks, and while it seems highly discombobulating, it’s arranged in a highly effective way that makes sense when you listen. Dwarde & Tim Reaper do jungle techno with suspenseful horror pianos, and DJ One Time’s track is a wobbly leftfield bassline side trip. Code 23’s “Dissipated” is maybe the most tear-out jungle smasher here, with all the atmospheric, euphoric synths and ecstatic soul diva vocals in place. Zoo Look’s “Rush” is more bleepy, ravey electro than jungle, but still fits into the continuum.

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