Wayward: Waiting for the World Remixed (Silver Bear, 2022)

March 8, 2022 at 6:52 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Wayward: Waiting for the World Remixed

Once again, I am reviewing a remix album for a record I haven’t listened to in its original form. Unless I actually did and I forgot or didn’t keep a record of it, I can not remember anything at all these days. It seems like the London duo are big into emulating and paying tribute to all the dance genres that shaped their lives, so it’s a huge pool of jungle, rave, house, Balearic, etc. influences. The most immediately remarkable thing about this is the presence of another brilliant Tim Reaper remix, the fantastic whirlwind “All a Bit Mad”. “Canvey Island (unperson’s restless tide mix)” creeps up on you, slowly drawing out blankets of tense synths and subtly sneaking in some microscopic breaks. Both parts of “Casper” are intricately designed club tracks which take their time to bloom. “Jill (Kilig’s Hangover Fear Remix)” is a reflective daydream that sounds perfect for laying down by the window on a sunny afternoon. “Thirty Three (Eliza Rose Re-Rub)” has a striding U.K. garage beat and gentle, cascading synths, plus an encouraging “you got to be free” vocal. Kareem Ali has it both ways with house and D&B mixes of “Ridge Road”, which are both uplifting in different manners. The last track, “Bright (Tour-Maubourg Sunset Dub Mix)”, is a more acoustic Ibiza sunset comedown that could easily fit on a Café Del Mar compilation.

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