v/a: Remain Alone (A Disciples Compilation) (Disciples, 2022)

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v/a: Remain Alone (A Disciples Compilation)

This brief compilation follows the recent ESP Summer reunion album, which featured deconstructions of a 13th Floor Elevators song. Here, a handful of artists on the label offer interpretations and covers of the band’s music. Model Home’s “Splash on the Canvas” seems to have nothing in common with the band on the surface, attempting to capture some sort of abstract impression of their music rather than emulating it directly. It’s slow and drizzly, with NappyNappa’s usual scrambled vocals fluttering over Pat Cain’s drifting, minimal beats. His Name Is Alive’s version of “We Sell Soul” is a distortion-caked batch of chiming psychedelic pop melodies with wolverine howls ripping through them. Phew renders “We Are Never Talking” as streams of frazzled electronics with detached voices echoing through them, occasionally returning to something which comes close to a sing-song melody. 3 Eyed Monkey is a project of ESP Summer/Pale Saints’ Ian Masters and Nick Davidson of Magic Roundabout, and their cover of “Never Another” is the most straightforward psych-pop tune here, particularly with its Mellotron and relaxed, swaying rhythm, though there’s a big sheet of searing feedback on top. Finally, Model Home returns with a dubby instrumental version of their song, which feels like a bunch of icicles melting in real time as the temperature slowly rises.

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