CDR: Live at Knot 2021​.​12​.​15 (RDC Records, 2022)

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CDR: Live at Knot 2021​.​12​.​15

CDR is quite possibly the most prolific breakcore producer of all time, with over 500 releases to his credit and growing. While some of his releases have seemed formulaic in the past (anime samples + looped Amen breaks + assloads of distortion = check, done, upload to Soulseek or Bandcamp now), he’s also created some powerful work that clearly took a lot of effort. Some of the stuff he was releasing on ADAADAT a few years ago fell into the latter category, and this recent live album might even be better than that. Easing off on the distortion a bit, but still wielding some killer breaks, this is a continuous flow of junglistic breakcore that just keeps heading deeper and deeper down the rabbithole. He hasn’t done lush, hypnotic melodies like this in the past, and the beats seem a little on the same tip as current jungle revival stuff, but by the third track it’s clear that this is messed up enough to come from a veteran of the breakcore scene. His music has simply never sounded this pretty before, nor has it ever gotten this heady and emotional. “Knot 06” is a standout, starting out sounding like a remix of Grimes’ “Genesis” before crashing into a chiptune melody. Then there’s ethereal choirs floating through the next track only to be demolished by an onslaught of noisy glitch. Fucking amazing. This is why I still listen to breakcore 25 years after discovering DHR. Highest recommendation.

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