bye2: Teeth Restoration (Kitty On Fire, 2021)

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bye2: Teeth Restoration

Separated by short ambient “prayer” interludes, most of the tracks on bye2’s latest album are stunning, prismatic neo-rave diamonds cut into lustrous shapes which reflect in countless directions. It’s hard to think of neo-rave music contorted as much as “Chao Dialysis”, which has hard-to-count time sigs, yet it’s still highly fun and danceable. “Kotu Tavsan” has whomping bass and slashing breaks, then flips into souped-up 4/4 thumps and glitched-out dancehall vocals, with some more break choppage and CeCe Peniston samples thrown into the rave. There’s a few other obvious early ’90s dance samples on the album, but it’s not as much of a nostalgia trip (however many generations removed, I doubt this producer was born before the late ’90s) as it might seem. “Reverse Nightmare Tower” has a unique way of flipping dark, lo-bit garage into crystal-drenched electro into glowing neo-rave with grime samples. “Wheel of Fate” is more of an epic battle in an arcade, and the closing “prayer7” is a breezy, shimmering electro-glide which sounds easy even with its broken time sig.

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