Robbie Lee & Lea Bertucci: Winds Bells Falls (Telegraph Harp, 2022)

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Robbie Lee & Lea Bertucci: Winds Bells Falls

On this album, Robbie Lee played woodwinds, celeste, and tubular chimes, while Lea Bertucci manipulated Lee’s playing in real time using reel-to-reel tape machines. The pieces with celeste sound like lullabies morphing into feverish hallucinations, sometimes doing playful loop-de-loops and other times drifting far past your eyelids into the haunted side of the night, as on the 8-minute creeper “Bags, Boxes, and Bubbles”. “Division Music” is apparently played on a gemshorn, which is in the ocarina family, but it sounds like a choir of radioactive owls playing some sort of hide and seek game. “Azimuth” is similar but even rawer, stretching the sounds of a contrabass recorder out to 11 minutes, and also coming as close to free jazz as this album gets. “Somebody Dream” is just a short, pleasant bit of peppermint candy to send you off into slumberland.

Disaster Relief: Back Into It LP (Ravine Records, 2021)

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Disaster Relief: Back Into It LP

Ann Arbor’s Disaster Relief don’t specify if their album title is supposed to mean “put your back into it” or “get back into it”, but it could have either meaning. It’s their first album in 3 years, of course following the halting of live shows due to the pandemic. Besides that, it’s just super funky, danceable, vibe-heavy music. Lead by Darrin James, this album’s lineup of Disaster Relief also features Dan Bennett of Afrobeat fusionists NOMO and synth-funk mystery man Josef Deas. It has a similar blend of jazz, funk, and Afrobeat, but there’s also a Greek wedding dance, “Kalamatianós for Alexander”, and the complex polyrhythms of the highlife-ish “Beach Song”. “Ostinato Eleven” also has tricky time signatures yet doesn’t seem challenging or obtuse. Worth mentioning is the fact that the group also recently collaborated with Detroit living legend Thornetta Davis on a bluesy single.

Applesauce Tears: Scores (Black Cottage, 2022)

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Applesauce Tears: Scores

The mysterious, strangely named Applesauce Tears have essentially functioned as Black Moth Super Rainbow’s southern cousins for the past decade or so, frequently releasing trippy electronic post-rock records which sound vividly psychedelic but also immensely comforting. This album finds the group at their most cinematic, like the title suggests, with strings, flutes, horns, and occasional choral vocals and incidental speech joining the usual assortment of cheap keyboards (one even has a stuck F# key) and found sounds. The group seemingly pull from psychedelic Beatles arrangements as well as lush spaghetti western soundtracks, with touches of trip-hop (“Personal Winter”, “Brass Model”) and dream pop (“Rainy Day Face”). “More Secret Joys and Sorrows” melds all of it together, with a ticking downtempo beat, truly swooning strings, and spirited claps stirring up some heady emotions. After the melodramatic interlude “City Seen”, the album wraps up with “On the Possibility of Being Useful”, a hazy mini-suite with serenading strings, almost “Purple Rain” vibes, and steady, country-ish drumming which cuts out when the music gets too dramatic to be contained by rhythm.

Prolaps: Ultra Cycle Pt. 4: Hibernal Death (Hausu Mountain, 2021)

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Prolaps: Ultra Cycle Pt. 4: Hibernal Death

We’ve reached the end of Prolaps’ seasonal cycle, and this is a bleak, ugly, massive 2-hour slab of disorienting music about death and rebirth. It starts out with a long, slow industrial sludge metal opening, gradually jamming in some jagged guitar riffs, then evolving through loopy rhythms and briefly flashing back to the 2016 clown scare. It gets breaky but winding and discordant rather than fun and ravey, dipping in a few more metal elements here and there without going full on metal. “Death Tones” is a perverse, cartoonish dub escapade incorporating tortured baby screaming and acid-soaked samples of one of those early Korn songs where he sounds like the Tasmanian Devil. Yet it emerges from all this torment wobbly but still on its feet, bouncing along to techno beats and maintaining some sort of motivation to keep driving forward. The second side starts off much slower but hops up to a faster, haunted pulse for “Fun E-Real Procession”. Beats don’t always stick around, though; they end up dissolving into swamp gas by the end of the 11-minute “7 Years”. Finally, it all piles up in a panic-filled washing machine cycle and gets whisked away in thick smoke clouds, with voices and stunted chords dispersing but not entirely letting go until it’s finally cut off at the end.

Show #617 – 2/13/22

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12:02 am Rob Burger ~ Hotel for Saints ~ Marching with Feathers (new) ~ Western Vinyl ~ 2022
12:04 am Arlo Parks ~ Softly ~ single (new) ~ Transgressive ~ 2022
12:07 am Sally Shapiro ~ Forget About You ~ Sad Cities (new) ~ Italians Do It Better ~ 2022
12:12 am PinkPantheress ~ Nineteen (Nia Archives Remix) ~ to hell with it (Remixes) (new) ~ Parlophone ~ 2022
12:15 am Anika ~ Finger Pies (Maral at the Controls Dub Mix) ~ Change: The Remixes (new) ~ Sacred Bones ~ 2022
12:18 am ADULT. (local) ~ I Am Nothing ~ Becoming Undone (new) ~ Dais ~ 2022
12:23 am Tim Reaper ~ Heavy Duty ~ Hardcore & Rubble (new) ~ Sneaker Social Club ~ 2022
12:29 am Slikback ~ Kanashimi ~ Akuhika ~ Bandcamp ~ 2021
12:31 am Adam Miller ~ Consulate ~ Gateway (new) ~ Inner Magic ~ 2022
12:36 am Alptrack ~ Dissolve ~ *dys_ ~ Eat Dis ~ 2020
12:41 am Author & Punisher w/ Vytear ~ Blacksmith ~ Krüller (new) ~ Relapse ~ 2022
12:46 am DJ Klaptrap ~ All Of It Crumbles By Your Hand ~ empathy box (new) ~ Bandcamp ~ 2022
12:49 am Windowshopping ~ Weightless Death, Homesick Venutian ~ Andromeda (new) ~ No Agreements ~ 2022
12:51 am Slikback ~ I Wish You Were Real ~ My Imaginary Friends And You (new) ~ Bandcamp ~ 2022
12:54 am Golden Boy ~ Amen Therapy ~ I Never Meant For This To Happen ~ Death By Sheep ~ 2021
12:58 am Robbie Lee & Lea Bertucci ~ Glitter and Gleam ~ Winds Bells Falls (new) ~ Telegraph Harp ~ 2022
1:02 am Kill Alters feat. Matthew Stephenson ~ Cesspit ~ Armed to the Teeth L.M.O.M.M. (new) ~ Hausu Mountain ~ 2022
1:06 am Casper Mcfadden ~ midnight marauders ~ medicalmechanica (new) ~ Kitty On Fire ~ 2021
1:09 am RAVETRX ~ Feel the Way ~ Tribe Sequence (new) ~ Hooversound ~ 2022
1:13 am Tommy the Cat ~ In Your Eyes ~ Cosmik Connection (new) ~ Unknown to the Unknown ~ 2022
1:18 am Despina ~ Packing (Phallus) ~ Limb Slip (new) ~ All Centre ~ 2022
1:23 am Matthew Mercer ~ Paralalia ~ Ataxia (new) ~ Bandcamp ~ 2022
1:29 am Yushh ~ Periwink ~ AWK003 (new) ~ Awkwardly Social ~ 2021
1:35 am Fort Romeau ~ Power of Grace ~ Beings of Light (new) ~ Ghostly International ~ 2022
1:41 am Adam Miller ~ The Shared Dream ~ Gateway (new) ~ Inner Magic ~ 2022
1:46 am Longmont Potion Castle ~ LPC 19 Theme 2 ~ 19 (new) ~ D.U. Records ~ 2022
1:49 am The Detroit Escalator Company (local) ~ Stitch ~ Soundtrack [313] + 6 ~ Musique Pour La Danse ~ 1996
1:51 am Herbie Mann w/ Sonny Sharrock ~ Hold On, I’m Comin’ ~ Summer Of Soul (…Or, When The Revolution Could Not Be Televised) ~ Sony Legacy ~ 1969

Longmont Potion Castle: 19 (D.U. Records, 2022)

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Longmont Potion Castle: 19

You talkin’ bout your flip child, you buckwild. Talkin’ bout your stepchild, he buckwild. Talkin’ like you buckwild, you flip child. Talkin’ bout your buck child, you flip wild. Talkin’ bout your whip child, you buck wild. Talkin’ like you buckwild, you flip child. Talkin’ like you flip child, you flip wild. Talkin’ like you flip wild, you buck wild. Talkin’ like you whip wild, you flip child. Talkin’ like a flip child, you stepchild. Talkin’ like you’re buckwild, you buck child. Talkin’ like you flip wild, you flip wild. Talkin’ like you’re buck child, you flip wild. Talkin’ like you flip wild, you flip child.

There’s other good moments on here, like the juice gas and the tranquilized chupacabra, and the rainy day ’70s drama theme, and Downtown Digital Destruction. But everything pales in the face of Dr. Sheba’s brand new smash hit that’s all over the radio, but apparently missing from all the hip record stores in town because they mainly stock old music. The true spiritual successor to Dougan Nash’s seminal classic “Check, Double Check, Triple Check Check”, “Flipwild” is a similarly catchy mind-teaser that just keeps elevating to a higher plane the longer its lyrics spiral around and subtly change. Get in on it now before it slowly pervades popular culture over the course of the next few decades. You won’t be able to find it at your local record shop, because they’re clueless (except for the one superfan who starts playing along), but D.U. has everything you need.

Crush Collision 2/12/22

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Posting the audio because it sounded awesome. This was a Fund Razor edition so if you feel like donating to WCBN please do!!!
Hour 1
12:01 am Teno Afrika & Diego Don ~ AK Love
12:04 am Rudiman + GCZ ~ Too Many Teef In My Mouf
12:08 am Gari Romalis (local) ~ Panic in Detroit (Goos Life Mix)
12:12 am Theo Parrish (local) ~ Radar Detector
12:16 am Rawaat (local) ~ Day Laborer
12:21 am Lyric Hood ~ Not Enough
12:25 am DJ Minx (local) ~ Dequindre Cut
12:30 am LeRon Carson ~ Funtown Memories
12:34 am Tyler Carr (local) ~ Baby Fundraiser
12:37 am minorINVENTION (Jon Dixon) (local) ~ MST 2022
12:41 am Terrence Dixon (local) ~ Earth Station
12:44 am Zoo Look ~ Direct Contact
12:48 am Lone ~ Ghost Story
12:51 am Keleketla! ~ Future Toyi Toyi (DJ Stingray Remix)
12:55 am Suzi Analogue ~ LIKE LIKE
12:58 am Vern & Milla ~ Catch My Breath
Hour 2
1:00 am Velocette ~ Memories for the Future
1:04 am Donnell Knox (local) ~ The Dog
1:08 am Benny Bridges ~ Yoohoo (K&F Remix)
1:11 am PinkPantheress ~ All my friends know (Anz Remix)
1:16 am Jacques Greene ~ Taurus
1:19 am HAAi ~ Bass Is The Place
1:23 am Overmono ~ Everything U Need
1:27 am Walton ~ Abyss
1:31 am Jasmine Infiniti ~ Demonhole
1:37 am Slam ~ Life Between Life
1:42 am Robert Hood (local) ~ Black Man’s Word
1:44 am Global Method ~ Good Life (Orbital Remix)
1:52 am Underground Resistance (local) ~ The Final Frontier (Nomadico Remix)

Tommy the Cat: Cosmik Connection 12″ EP (Unknown to the Unknown, 2022)

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Tommy the Cat: Cosmik Connection 12″ EP

Dutch producer Tommy the Cat runs the label Cat in the Bag and has released split EPs with Tim Reaper, FFF, Coco Bryce, and other heavy hitters in the current jungle scene. This is his first release on Unknown to the Unknown, and it has a sly, beat-forward style that only sparingly uses other elements. “Flying Papers” has rattling breaks and some swift jungle bass, but besides that, it’s just a soft mist of shadowy synth that somehow makes the beats seem quieter than they are. “At the Yard” also makes you focus on the echoing whoops and softly rippling synths rather than the rambunctious breaks. “In Your Eyes” kicks out the heavy yet taut Amen breaks, keeping it sparse otherwise, but suspenseful. “We Will Stay Together in the Dark” has more involved beat programming, chopping up multiple breaks, and its slowly blooming synths make it sink deeper into the light.

Matthew Mercer: Ataxia (self-released, 2022)

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Matthew Mercer: Ataxia

The newest album from long-active electronic musician Matthew Mercer is a techno record through and through, but he devises some truly uncommon textures that other producers might not necessarily think to make dance music out of. “Paralalia” has strange, mutated sounds that nearly sound like distorted voices, all rippling underneath a steady, upfront kick drum. “Parabolia” is a bit of a flashback to his microhouse days, at least at first, but then it becomes much more resonant and cinematic than most minimal techno, additionally bearing a trace of shoegazey feedback. “Aphasia” seems like it’s going to settle into dubby clanging, but it gets interrupted by a violent electric storm, twice. “Revok” does a lot with some disorienting tones, a sort of sideways kick, and some chugging bass. Ataxia isn’t quite wired the same way as most dance music, but it does serve that purpose, and in any case it’s superbly, inventively crafted.

Casper Mcfadden: medicalmechanica (Kitty On Fire, 2021)

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Casper Mcfadden: medicalmechanica

Just in time for Casper Mcfadden to drop a new album tomorrow, I’m getting around to reviewing his last one, which is still only 2 months old (and there’s also an album of demos that came out in between the two). He’s mega prolific, but I always look forward to everything new he puts out because there’s just so much energy and creativity to what he does. Most of the tracks are only a minute or two and they all run together in an explosive, giddy rush. It’s highly playful and decidedly lo-fi, but it rarely seems tossed off or jokey. Mostly it’s just fun and chaotic, especially tracks like “midnight marauders” and “ydrahde”.

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