VTSS: Projections EP (Technicolour, 2022)

January 31, 2022 at 8:33 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

VTSS: Projections EP

The new VTSS EP is far from the industrial techno she’s often known for, though it is caustic and heavy. “The need to avoid” starts out almost like warped dancehall before exploding with frantic breaks. “For your safety” is brittle and jittery, somewhere between footwork and glitchy IDM, but with a smooth atmosphere elevating it. Ultimately it is definitely dance music more so than head music, but works as both. “Live laugh leave” is more intensely blown out not-quite-dancehall with splintering, erratic beats. “Propaganda of success” creeps and lurches, then donks you over the head with gabber kicks. “Why we don’t deserve nice things” seems a little less intense than the other tracks, but still rustles and bubbles over with feverish anticipation. The EP is short but dense, and highly impressive.

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