John Beltran: The Peninsula (npm, 2022)

January 24, 2022 at 7:59 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

John Beltran: The Peninsula

Michigan’s John Beltran presents an EP that evokes the expansiveness of the upper part of the state rather than the concrete roughness of the Detroit metro area. “Begin Again” is colored by light, shuffling percussion which floats across the auburn sky without settling down. “Peninsula” has an intricately webbed percussion pattern which trickles along with delicate synth pads which breathe softly. “Miss the Colors” has a faint rattle rather than a beat, and the constant loops of eerie, apparition-like voices give way to a denser formation of sounds and more fluttering pulsations. “Une belle matinée” is more of a soothing, playful Balearic house tune, with lightly elastic bass and cool woodwinds. It’s very much a dance track to cool off to at sunset, but it’s busier than it seems. After the sun has fully gone down, the EP ends with a Luke Hess remix of the first track, which retains a sense of detachment from the original but affixes a more straightforward club beat and some 303 acid tweaks.

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