Amanda Chaudhary: Meow Meow Band (CatSynth Records, 2021)

January 20, 2022 at 7:49 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Amanda Chaudhary: Meow Meow Band

There’s no way I can resist strange music that’s cat-themed. Chaudhary is a member of bands such as Reconnaissance Fly and Surplus 1980, and she also runs a blog called CatSynth which focuses on both of those things. Her mini-album Meow Meow Band starts with a spacey invocation filled with mutated meowing. The rest of the songs are colorful jazz-funk-fusion jams filled with adventurous time signatures, synths that beam out like holograms, and plush, squishy basslines. There’s a perky theme for public transit (“North Berkeley BART”) and a second song with cat vocals (the new wave disco-funk trip “Donershtik”). Also, the personnel includes Philly bass legend Jamaaladeen Tacuma, composer/vocalist Amy X Neuburg, Rova Saxophone Quartet member Steve Adams, and several others. More than just a funny cat album, there’s some first class musicianship here, and an adventurous spirit which is both infectious and inspiring.

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