Wheez-ie: Horizons Remixes (Evar Records, 2022)

January 14, 2022 at 5:55 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Wheez-ie: Horizons Remixes

This remix EP of tracks by Los Angeles’ Wheez-ie starts off with a characteristically brilliant jungle mix by Tim Reaper, followed by a clanking bit of sideways electro from Detroit’s venerable DJ Stingray. I expected those to be the highlights, but then the mix by Aura T-09 (the label’s co-founder, along with Trickfinger, aka John Frusciante) and Cardopusher came on. Cardopusher came up as a breakcore producer during the 2000s, and he produced some of the most off-the-wall material I’ve ever heard, throwing hooks from ’90s alt-rock radio hits into sliced-and-diced ragga-core anthems. He then moved on from fast, frantic music, drifting into dubstep, then house and garage, then somehow ending up at acid house and finally EBM/industrial. This mix is the first thing I’ve heard by him in ages that flashes back to jungle and rave music, with absolutely vicious breaks and Hoover-like synths, as well as shades of operatic vocals and hard trance energy. It goes on for eight epic minutes, gradually becoming improbably dense until it cools off at the end. Quite frankly astonishing, I was not expecting this at all. Finally, VTSS concludes the set with a crunchy industrial techno surge, which teases a catchy “The Bells”-reminiscent melody without wearing it out. I guess I should finally listen to the original EP now.

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