Matt Robidoux: At Dust (Already Dead, 2021)

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Matt Robidoux: At Dust

Matt Robidoux’s newest album is a suite of deconstructed art-pop pieces, melting from songs into audio portraits. There’s a wealth of acoustic instruments played here, from brass and woodwinds to gamelan percussion, as well as field recordings, but the sounds and voices are often electronically warped, resembling a classic American landscape where half the objects are blurry, flickering, pixelated, or morphing into something else. There’s some vocal melodies that linger with you, like the part on opener “The Bouquet” when he sings about flowers, but other times you’re more likely to be entranced by the detailed layering, the digitally shredded vocals, and just the general surrealness of it all. “Interstitial” is a bit more of a string-based neo-classical piece, while “Sea Wall” is much more of a smeared drift. “So Long” trudges on the bottom of the ocean floor before heavy psych guitar lifts it up closer to the surface. The album seems like it’s wandering in several directions at the same time, yet it’s all clearly mapped out and considered, with a surplus of ideas stuffed into concise running time of just under half an hour.

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