v/a: Heaven on Fire (Fire Records, 2021)

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v/a: Heaven on Fire

Essentially a mixtape compiled by Jane Weaver, Heaven on Fire mainly draws from Fire Records’ recent catalog, with a few selections from other labels. It mainly focuses on psych-folk and hauntological pop, although there’s some modern classical pieces as well. Vanishing Twin’s “Big Moonlight (Ookii Gekkou)” approaches the magic of latter-day Stereolab, but feels more foresty than loungey. Mega Bog’s “Station to Station” feels like dark sophistipop, and Virginia Wing’s “St. Francis Fountain” is a glittering synth pop gem which makes you question where you’re going. Islet’s “Geese (Gwenno Remix)” is a low-key bedroom dance jam that bursts into noisier drums later on. After the ethereal pop of Lucy Gooch’s “Rain’s Break”, a brief piece from Faten Kanaan’s excellent recent album is included, providing a bit of fuzzy, BoC-ish atmospheric nostalgia. After a delicate folk tune with hand drums by Brigid Mae Power, the album concludes with a piece from Okkyung Lee’s acclaimed album Yeo-Neun, and it’s a delicate, harp-kissed piece rather than the caustic, twisted work Lee is sometimes known for.

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