Razorlegs/Maximum Ernst: split tape (Fadensonnen, 2021)

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Razorlegs/Maximum Ernst: split tape

On the first side of this split cassette, noise-rock duo Razorlegs play 4 songs with raw, powerful drum cadences and a ton of noisemakers that aren’t guitars, including keyboards, stylophones, and slide whistles. Three of the songs are brief, 3-minute exercises, but perhaps the best one is “Acetone & Mercury”, a nearly 8-minute toboggan ride of fried, wavy keyboards and manic, tom-heavy drumming. “Fluted Plain” is the one that makes prominent use of a slide whistle, making whimsy with shakers and shuffled drums. Maximum Ernst occupy the second side, starting out with snaking feedback and shivering drum machines before switching to a more percussive beat and noisy blasts of steam on “Phosphorus Cum Nux”. The growling bass gets a bit more agitated, and the echo makes everything feel trippier and off-balance. “UFA-USA” is a more voltage-blasted psych trip with vocoderized vocals, which seems like it’s headed for a nuclear meltdown but remains pretty consistent for its four and a half minutes. Finally, “Half-Staff” is a brief burst of driving instrumental alt-rock which fades out as unassumingly as it begins.

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