Gerycz/Powers/Rolin: Lamplighter (American Dreams, 2021)

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Gerycz/Powers/Rolin: Lamplighter

Three Ohio-based musicians make up this trio, and their second album together is a gorgeous set of expansive, mostly acoustic improvisations. Jen Powers’ hammered dulcimer is what stands out the most to these ears, adding some fascinating textures to the mixture, with Jayson Gerycz’s rollicking, scattering drums and Matthew Rolin’s earthy guitars additionally carrying the pieces through vast, open, light-drenched fields. “Rotations” launches the album with ecstatic yet sprawled-out drumming and thick blankets of dulcimer and guitar, creating a truly original sound that’s just full of joy. The title track is the album’s most abstract moment, with a slower drift and some scraping and feedback tones. “June” is a much more welcoming, down-home tune, it just feels like a warm embrace from someone you’ve known a long time who truly cares about you. “Jars of Glass”, the album’s 15-minute finale, is a bit more tightly coiled and almost bluegrassy at the beginning, but after the bumpy-trail drumming disappears, it all floats towards a less constrained space, gradually ending up with controlled waves of electric feedback, and finally ending with a flurry of unconstrained splatter-drumming and noisy guitar wreckage.

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