Suneaters: Suneaters XI: It’s the Future (Lotuspool Records, 2021)

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Suneaters: Suneaters XI: It’s the Future

Kansas City’s Suneaters are described as “post graduate rock” and “scientist rock” online, but they’ve gravitated towards electronic music with their most recent releases. Their newest album has palm trees and a setting sun on the cover, and it sounds like the score to the type of film that builds a lot of suspense out of long, breathtaking shots where almost nothing happens. Slow, hazy synthscapes point your mind in directions without spelling too much out. “Climate” creeps quietly, but there’s several sudden bursts and hallucinatory flare-ups. “Graveyard” is a long, drawn-out doomscape with an unexpected chopped-and-screwed sample appearing out of nowhere and adding to the tension. “No. 3” is a shorter, prettier piece that feels like floating in some sort of lush, crystal garden. Synths are so lovely, aren’t they? “On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres” is a bit more alien, with more abrasive splotches of synths squirming about, but apart from reproducing and squizzing on top of each other, they don’t seem to move too much. “Sacco and Vanzetti” is just a long, heavy, dead-eyed stare, with some faint rumblings of stray synths and drums under heavy, swarming synth clouds, and a bug-out ending that truly catches you off guard.

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