Prolaps: Ultra Cycle Pt. 3: Autumnal Age (Hausu Mountain, 2021)

October 18, 2021 at 8:56 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Prolaps: Ultra Cycle Pt. 3: Autumnal Age

The third installment of Prolaps’ seasonal series definitely finds the colder weather setting in. There’s still some hypercharged rave energy here but things are more spaced out, and there’s even a few extended doom zones like the largely beatless “Fractured Nexus”. This gives way to the jagged pinprick rave of “Squirm”, which extends into the plonking beats and refracted jungle samples of “Precog Choreographer”. “Walking Delirium” is the type of track that’s restlessly twitchy yet walking in slow motion at the same time, and “Pattern Recognition” is similar but both deeper and sharper. “Junk DNA” is an almost singeli-like jumble of rapid sounds, although it leaves considerably more room for breathing. There’s much more open space during tracks like “Detoxifying Smoke”, although the joyous panic gradually sets back in. “We Sin With Others” is a manic acidcore jam, and the final “Astral Infection” just shreds into oblivion. Stay tuned for the stocking-stuffing fourth part arriving at the dawn of winter.

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