Cyanide Tooth: Tentative Identity tape (ever/never records, 2021)

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Cyanide Tooth: Tentative Identity tape

Creamo Coyl of WFMU’s Spin Age Blasters returns with a tape that has one foot in the oldschool industrial/noise current of his past work, but also ventures into more beat-forward and synth-heavy waters. “Wither Report” douses a news transmission in out-of-broadcast-range static and erects a sparse but cracking beat on top of it. “Cracked Library Window” has several layers of synths sequences harmoniously floating in the sunlight, nearly melting with excitement at one point. “Slow Dance the Abyss” is an off-center techno track with a serious headache, though it clears up somewhat and hums along with a nice acid bassline by the end. “Banishment Park” is maybe the best of the atmospheric synth pieces, simply a gorgeous horror-lullaby, if that makes sense — beautiful and soothing even if it’s unmistakably dark and ominous. The second side has some of the more playful drum machine-centric tracks, with “Are We Here Yet?” bearing a trace of A Big 10-8 Place-like sampling, and “Radium Spray” having a sort of clanky robo-funk rhythm. “Machine Alive in Bradford Lab” is a return to the horror-lullaby space, and the short final piece is the ending to a Bible-themed broadcast loaded with sappy strings, blown out and distorted so that its schmaltziness takes on a sickly tone. The whole tape is a fun sort of sinister.

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