v/a: Cold Wave #2 (Soul Jazz Records, 2021)

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v/a: Cold Wave #2

I missed out on the first one, but this is a second volume of current D.I.Y. electronic artists which range from minimal/darkwave acts to L.I.E.S.-affiliated outsider/industrial techno producers. There’s also some holdovers from the neo-electro scene circa 2 decades ago — longtime Cybernetic Broadcasting System favorite Beta Evers appears with the sly, sneaking “Hiding”, and the chameleonic Krikor Kouchian, a onetime French Touch producer, ends the set with “Deserver Dub”. L.F.T.’s “Stay Away From The Light” is definitely a shadowy minimal synth tune, and Job Sifre’s slow-burning “At Least We Try” sounds like a more high-tech update of something that could’ve been on one of the late Richard H. Kirk’s early solo releases. Tolouse Low Trax’s occult-themed “Rushing Into Water” is actually even more Kirk-ian. De Ambassade (aka Dollkraut) appears with the delectable minimal wave tune “Niet Van Mij”. “Hum” by V.C.V.S. has a slow EBM-ish beat and glitchy samples of faint reflections of a no wave group. Dave I.D.’s “Help Starts” is much more in the dark and gloomy but slow glide realm, and then it just roars at you at the end. Broken English Club’s “Vacant Cars” is another slow, gritty one that makes you want to take a shower, although it’s not as scummy as the most grimy industrial. There’s so much more ground that this series could cover, so hopefully the label is planning on digging deeper with future volumes.

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