Maximum Ernst: Perfect Mixer/Matchless Pair tape (ever/never records, 2021)

September 14, 2021 at 8:01 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Maximum Ernst: Perfect Mixer/Matchless Pair tape

Following a ghastly yet meditative 12″ last year, Maximum Ernst returns to the tape format with this half-hour collection of shortform shapeshifting odysseys. Subliminal voices and overcalibrated motors collide with primitive, burbling drum machines, taking you on a fun yet dangerous cruise. A short track near the beginning serves as an ominous warning as well as a sneak preview (“don’t forget, it’s coming soon”). “Richard Motor Hits The Wall” is 7 minutes of revved-up industrial/no wave/motorik clanging which crashes into a wall of prickly guitar noise at the end. “Reverend Island” starts with a wavering ambient loop and crackling sounds before also becoming engulfed in a thick blanket of noise. “Vanity Mirror Universe” and “Suspended Sentence” have tripped-out drum machines which topple over each other, and in between them, the shorter “Komovar Chant” has more voltage running through it, making it feel far more tense, without the combustion of some of the tracks on the first side.

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