Mankwe Ndosi and Body MemOri: felt/not said (Auspice NOW, 2021)

August 28, 2021 at 12:25 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Mankwe Ndosi and Body MemOri: felt/not said

Twin Cities-based performer and Black Earth Ensemble member Mankwe Ndosi uses her voice in a truly boundless manner, stretching beyond the confines of human language and functioning as a musical instrument as well as a vessel that channels unknown forces. On this album, she’s joined by the incomparable Tomeka Reid (cello), Silvia Bolognesi (contrabass), and Davu Seru (drums/percussion), and she navigates her way through their winding improvisations. The tracks on this album have Lovesliescrushing-esque titles like “backmouthfindingpulse” and “underinside climbing”, and while they sound nothing like ethereal shoegaze noise, they subvert musical elements in a similar way, blurring sounds into a flow of exploratory feelings. At times, Ndosi sounds like she’s singing backwards, or the music is driving her to physically pull strange, uncomfortable sounds from out of her. It’s challenging but fulfilling as a singular expression of creative urges.

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