Disheveled​/​Spednar: split LP (Thac0 Records, 2021)

August 26, 2021 at 11:28 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Disheveled/Spednar: split LP

The newest release on long-running Pittsburgh breakcore label Thac0 Records contains 4 tracks each by 2 artists I haven’t listened to before, but they’ve both released music on labels I’m familiar with. Anyway, Disheveled does some really impressive broken rhythms and short-circuiting shards with secret voices piping in at key moments. “Sentient Meat” is more untethered than the more rhythmic tracks and I think I actually enjoy it the most, but there’s no denying the unpredictable pattern shifts and jagged tones of tracks like the well-titled “Datasploshing”. Spednar’s music feels like it’s falling apart if you’re expecting consistent rhythm, but at the same time it’s so composed and deliberate. There’s a sort of molten flow to it, and then it progresses into an accelerating eruption during the climax of “fjs”. “000831_0002_3” has wiry analog textures swirling around heavy, distorted bass throbs. Then “smhsfn” is a short bit of sideways techno for crabs to dance to.

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