RXM Reality: Advent (Orange Milk, 2021)

July 31, 2021 at 8:29 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

RXM Reality: Advent

After an astounding run of tapes on Hausu Mountain, RXM Reality moves to kindred spirit Orange Milk for maybe his most accessible release yet. Last year’s blood blood blood blood was an absolute masterpiece of dystopian dread, constantly blasting you with self-destructive weaponry. Advent is another dense, powerful epic, and while much of it is still discombobulating, especially the opening track, there’s actually playful melodies in “Pied Piper”, and the melodies are so strong that they end up withstanding all the bullet holes from the rapidfire beats. “Character Limit” heads in more of a shoegaze direction, and “Wave of Something” threads some of that type of distortion into delicate melodies and flowing water sounds. Tracks like “Climateric” become more of a glorious battle for light and positive spirit to shine through the dense electrical storm. “Stupefaction” has just a remarkable balance of explosive power and a sort of radioactive swing. “Polymorphous” is almost like “Ventolin” gone trancey deconstructed club. The whole album is just a truly remarkable piece of work which fries the brain eggs over easy but also provides flavor and sweetness and energy.

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