Meadow Argus: Meadow Argus II tape (Purple Akronym Art Collective, 2021)

July 12, 2021 at 7:34 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Meadow Argus: Meadow Argus II tape

The second release from the project of DNT Records’ Tynan Krakoff opens with a series of warm, thick, rolling tape loops accompanied by momentary flashes of a kid singing silly songs, conjuring up wild flashbacks of early summer vacation memories. From there, the tape waves get heavier and more curdled, until a sparkling melodic chime reveals itself. It gets looped for a while, constantly resurfacing like a recurring memory of a jewel being stumbled upon, or a filmic interpretation of such event. The second side is an extremely distorted loop of a funereal foghorn, with full stops and starts, but every time it comes back, you strain to dig deeper and uncover a new element. Suddenly, a different set of loops fades in, this one with gently clunking drums, distorted voices that almost sound like throat singing, and lots of other coded transmissions. The tape is so engrossing that both sides end a lot quicker than you expect, and the whole thing brings a unique perspective on how memories are interpreted through sound.

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