Joy on Fire: Another Adventure in Red (Procrastination Records, 2021)

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Joy on Fire: Another Adventure in Red

New Jersey-based Joy on Fire play energized, exploratory pieces which might scan as jazz or progressive rock, but also draw from punk and new wave. 12-minute opener “Another Adventure In Red” starts out with melodies that might recall John Coltrane and Joe Jackson, then it flows into a long, drawn-out spacey section. (There’s a radio edit at the end of the disc, if you just want to cut to the catchy part). The band introduce dulcimer on the fluttery, atmospheric “After”, keeping it for 2 brief interludes. “3rd Grade Fire” is the longest track, at almost 15 minutes, but it feels rawer and more garage-y than the rest of the album, even if it’s closer to jammy jazz-rock than garage rock. “Night Sticks” is the other vocal-driven song (other than “After”), and another venture into jazzy yet gritty progressive rock.

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