MJ Linderman: Ghost of Your Guitar Solo (Dear Life Records, 2021)

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MJ Linderman: Ghost of Your Guitar Solo

MJ Lenderman’s second solo album is a glorious bum-out session, filled with both minor gripes and major life ponderings, all of which add up to a serious questioning of what any of this even means and does it even matter. Constructed from a series of daily writing exercises, the songs are mostly pretty short, expressing simple yet significant statements of regret through blown-out lo-fi wattage. The opening title track is by far the longest, and it actually is mostly a guitar solo until the end. Among the brief, sour slowcore laments like “Someone Get the Grill Out of the Rain”, there’s comparatively upbeat ones like “Inappropriate”, or “Infinity Pool”, which I guess only sounds less bummed out because of its thumping drum machine and watery guitar effects. Songs without distortion, like the stark, arid “Catholic Priest”, are almost too uneasy to bear. A shorter, spacier “Ghost of Your Guitar Solo II” provides a short break to reflect and ease the pain. Of the two versions of the song “Jack”, which puts in perspective our individual places on this planet, the album-ending “Live Jack” is angstier, rougher, and more electrified.

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