Evolfo: Site Out of Mind (Royal Potato Family, 2021)

June 24, 2021 at 8:15 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Evolfo: Site Out of Mind

I haven’t listened to much Tame Impala, but they’re still the first thing I thought of when I put this on. Opening track “Give Me Time” is filled with trippy vocals and heavy, thwacky drums that could easily be sampled as hip-hop breakbeats. As the track goes on, however, the vocals disappear, and it gets stranger, more acid-fried, and more mystical, with melodies that might be inspired by Ethio-jazz. “Strange Lights” is a more revved-up Osees-type garage rocker, but feels a little more restrained. “Zuma Loop” seems more calmed down at first, but it slowly simmers, pondering “what a dream life can be”. “Drying Out Your Eyes” is another psych-pop gem with a tight rhythm and echo-scattered vocal hooks, ending up with a brief spaced-out exploration that nearly sounds like a theremin. The 3-part “In Time” and a few other tracks have their proggy moments, yet there’s also time to unwind and reflect with tracks like “Let Go”. There’s some decent songs here, but the production and the array of directions they explore are what make the album interesting.

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