Moiré: Good Times (Hypercolour, 2021)

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Moiré: Good Times

Between 2013 and 2017, Moiré released an exceptional run of records for labels like Werkdiscs, Ghostly, Rush Hour, and R&S which were among the best of that healthy era for scuffed-up house. He’s returned after a 4-year absence, not largely altering his sound, but continuing to do what he does best. The title Good Times seems partially in jest — it’s not as tense and paranoid as 2017’s No Future, which was partially a reaction to the closure of several prominent London clubs (certainly something still relevant now), but there’s still some venting here. Guest vocalist Demigosh plays a similar role to DRS on the last album, especially on the opener “Know Me”, although his lyrics are more soul searching. Moiré’s productions are still vivid and slightly cracked, with soothing but not too slick pads and a comforting aura of tape hiss. Sometimes he treats the human voice as an instrument, as on “Low Works”, or “R1” where he turns vocals into arpeggiated waves. “Ghana” feels like it’s heading towards being an ecstatic jungle track, but it ends up with fast, grubby kick drums rather than breaks. “Vertigo” is a slower, more reflective cut bathed in a thick wash of static. “Lost in Pacific” is a stirring conclusion, expressing a deep, joyous feeling of anticipation, while also feeling like it’s basking in an amazing sunset.

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