v/a: Friends & Mentors 12″ (Steady Flight Circle, 2020)

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v/a: Friends & Mentors 12″

The third release on Thomas Xu’s Steady Flight Circle spotlights several of his close associates and inspirations. Terri Whodat starts the record off with long hallway kicks, eventually joined by a piano loop that seems to stumble its way onto the track at first, but as the beat comes back, it all makes sense together and rides smoothly. Poseidon Neptune’s “Saht Nam” has more intricate beats and bass patterns, under a canopy of synth pads which cool everything down, instead of making it more tense. Meftah’s “Ur Utility” has both analog ambiance and a low-slung, gritty push, having sort of a similar cratedigger feel as his hip-hop productions but in a house mindstate. Finally, “9th Creation (Short Mix)” by John Silas has soothing keyboard melodies and a sneaky John Barera bassline, which all seem to dance gleefully with each other, and it does seem to end abruptly before everything feels worn out.

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