CAMÍNA: Te Quiero Mucho (self-released, 2020)

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CAMÍNA: Te Quiero Mucho

Dallas resident Ariel Saldivar, known pseudonymously as CAMÍNA, produces vivid songs of love and resistance. Her strong, expressive vocals are backed up by heavy bass, slightly cracked trip-hop beats, and worn, faded samples drawn from her Mexican heritage. The samples on “Cinnamon” do a delicate dance with the blown-out head-nod beats, while Saldivar’s multi-tracked, bilingual vocals sing of rising above, even though the damage is already done. “Forever and Always” is kind of a ghostly R&B slow jam, as she pours her heart out over starry organs and booming beats. “Burn for Eternity” continues with the bittersweet trip-hop vibes, this time a bit more upbeat and ready to dance like nothing matters. “Maleguena” is the most sonically dizzying track, with Saldivar wailing like young Liz Fraser in Spanish over curdled samples and monstrous beats. On “Se Puede”, she creatively duets with sampled lyrics about desire and perseverance.

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