Gryphon Rue & Merche Blasco: North of the Future (Astral Editions, 2021)

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Gryphon Rue & Merche Blasco: North of the Future

These two explorers employ a bevy of rare, vintage synths as well as singing saw and harmonium to create a bunch of pieces which all move in entirely different directions. From the beginning, I thought I was in for a super pleasant new age synth zone-out. Then I was totally surprised to hear that the next track, “Moving Veins of Flamingos”, is sparse, fizzing wires interrupted by sudden thrashes and tripped-out delay, later illuminated by bright but hazy flickering tones. “Frogsayings” is a web of static noise which flashes for a bit and then dissolves into nothingness. The longer tracks are more drone-based rather than noise, obviously, but “Beautiful Evidence” matches some lovely harmonium with some frequencies that kind of groan out. Then “40.65ºN – 73.96ºW” is a duet for saws recorded under an archway in Brooklyn, surrounded by crickets and puzzled passersby. The final title track is a more compact burst of chattering vibrations and ghostly, swooping saw.

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