Racquel Jones: IgnoRANT (Magnetic Moon, 2021)

May 19, 2021 at 8:57 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Racquel Jones: IgnoRANT

Jamaican emcee Racquel Jones comes hard with her first album, an epic set of brash, unfiltered, and ambitious songs about tough subjects. Clearly not trying to copy the latest trends or make something safe and palatable for mainstream radio, Jones writes volatile, unpredictable songs which often have several tempo changes. On opener “Invocation”, she acknowledges all of her contradictions, serving as a brief warning that this won’t be a straightforward, clear-cut journey. “Anger” has some of the album’s most stunning production and aggressive lyrics. Other tracks unflinchingly address religion (“Sacrilege”), sexuality (“Daddy Issues”), beauty standards (“Ugly”), and fetishization of Black culture (“Jungle”). “Manic” starts out with introspective spoken word and ethereal balladry before suddenly switching to vicious trap for a brief moment. On “Arrogant”, she boasts “I am the scientist, you the experiment”. “Heartless” alternates between not giving a fuck what anyone thinks and yearning for love and acceptance (“I’m human for real, oh how I wish you could see this”). “Hurt” is similarly emotional and introspective, but the disco-tinged “Queen” is bursting with self-confidence, with Jones claiming to be Eartha Kitt, Lauryn Hill, and Cleopatra at once.

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