v/a: Blunted Breaks Vol. 2 (Western Lore, 2021)

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v/a: Blunted Breaks Vol. 2

The follow-up to Western Lore’s first Blunted Breaks comp is just as much of a state of jungle address as the first one. Label owner Dead Man’s Chest starts things off properly, bringing the right mix of atmosphere and dark, crunchy breaks. Eusebeia’s track has a little more of a rave flavor, and Bluematter’s “Zeus (Threshold Remix)” is altogether rougher and has some absolutely slaying breaks. Double O’s “God Is a Woman” is much more relaxed, with Sheba Q’s soothing voice rippling across the top like a pond. Tim Reaper’s only appearance is his remix of Response & Pliskin’s “Plastic Face”, although it sounds more like their nearly progressive techno take on jungle than his style. The Sam Binary track absolutely crashes out of the sky, going from pure ethereal floating to just devastating sledgehammer destruction. “Trapped in Paradise” by Law similarly cruises along blissfully and then upsets when the breaks crash in. Ok, I guess a lot of people in this scene do atmospheric synths + heavy breaks, it’s kind of a staple of this genre, but it’s entirely why I love it so much.

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