Glüme: The Internet (Italians Do It Better, 2021)

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Glüme: The Internet

One of IDIB’s latest signees is an aspiring actress and musician who found Chromatics on Spotify and knew she had to have Johnny Jewel producer her music. She submitted a demo and heard back within minutes. She was diagnosed with a rare heart disease and basically is confined to living out her life online, especially once the pandemic hit. So her music is her escape, her fantasy, and her window to the world. Her album has the signature IDIB cinematic ’80s nocturnal vibes, but there’s an extra poignant touch to it. 3 features the chorus “baby it’s not so bad, it’s just a nervous breakdown” over a chugging synthwave beat, alluding to her physical and mental state. Other songs are pure fantasy (“Crushed Velvet”) and Americana (the Lana Del Rey-ish opener “Arthur Miller”). “Body” mixes delicate, sensual synths and vocals with the crunch of industrial techno. The hazy ballad “Blossom” expresses desires to get married, start a family, and have it all. “Don’t @ Me” and “The Internet” celebrate the act of building up a persona and starting shit online to stave off the void. As the album drifts to an end, she says “these chemicals in my mind, I wish I could convince them to play nice”.

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