Ki Oni: Indoor Plant Life + Stay Indoors and Swim (Sound As Language, 2021)

May 12, 2021 at 10:46 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Ki Oni: Indoor Plant Life

Ambient music for plants is essentially a full-fledged genre now, encompassing not only rediscovered classics by Mort Garson and Hiroshi Yoshimura, but newer works by Green-House and Loris S. Sarid. Ki Oni’s Indoor Plant Life is another addition to this particular canon, and its two 15-minute pieces both glow and glisten, gently floating in the breeze of an open window. The first one seems like it’s taking place during a sunny afternoon, while the second is more nocturnal, but there might actually be more going on while the sun is gone and everyone’s asleep.

Ki Oni: Stay Indoors and Swim

Stay Indoors and Swim is even better, this time with 8 tracks to get immersed in, and yes, they feel more liquid. Very wavy and washed out, but also artificial, more like the pool at a hotel than a beach. The notes ramble and lap over each other, and sometimes they become a bit clearer the deeper you listen. “The Island Time Forgot” is filled with strange tape manipulations and gets particularly fun and trippy, and other pairs of tracks are basically just variations on the same currents, like different observations of the same tank. Perfect to get hypnotized staring at aquariums to, and then have dreams about it.

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