Danny Goliger: Meaningful Pursuits (Fantastic Voyage, 2021)

May 10, 2021 at 8:11 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Danny Goliger: Meaningful Pursuits

Producer and engineer Danny Goliger’s first album doesn’t come with a whole lot of background info or contextual material, so there’s not much indication of what to expect when you press play. It starts off with some lush but complex d’n’b, then other tracks explore the funky yet playful (“Calculable”) and wistfully melodic (“Meaningful Pursuits”) sides of IDM. “Reality Now” is potentially a satire of extreme pandemic paranoia, with a robotic voice croaking things like “do not go outside, do not look out the window, do not look at your phone”. “Power Dry” does the levitating synth melodies and crisp drum breaks thing really well, then the drums go all choppy and slippery during the breakdown. “Moth” is sort of future garage with muscular drums, then “Court Card” has more carefully maneuvered beats and cresting pads, as well as a wailing synth lead. “B-” is a woozy ambient comedown, then the Benny Bridges-co-produced “Survivors Guilt” is a reflective glitch-pop tune with vocodered lyrics that are hard to make out, but lines like “changes set us free” and “you’ve got to wait” stand out.

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