Amiture: The Beach (Dots Per Inch, 2021)

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Amiture: The Beach

Amiture’s debut album is a highly focused slab of minimal darkwave pop, filled with gloomy lyrics about lying and regret, and steadily throbbing beats and sequencers. The most unique addition is the pedal steel and fiddle which appear on several tracks, but they’re subtle enough that they don’t register as those instruments, you might just assume they’re synths. I guess you could draw parallels between goth rock and Southern gothic, but that doesn’t really fit here. Regardless, it’s fine stuff with sullen vocals, propulsive beats, and dark clouds of melodic synths. While the album is steadfast in its gloominess, “Slide In” seems at least a little playful, with lines like “I need a bagpipe so I can blow up every night”. “Operator” nails a shivery vibe pretty well, and then “Dream” is more haunting techno than darkwave. “Last Exit” is a blurry ambient daze, and then “Let’s Talk” is one of the most confident, yet most heartbroken pop songs here.

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