Eomac: Cracks (Planet Mu, 2021)

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Eomac: Cracks

Lakker’s Ian McDonnell records some of his most forward-thinking post-club material under his solo alias Eomac. His first release for Planet Mu has the sort of broken, stop-start thumping beats he’s known for, but with more of an emotional uneasiness informed by isolation and the general unrest and injustice of the world. “Mandate for Murder” kicks the album off with an overtly political looped sample, hammering the title phrases in your head with intricate industrial-IDM beats. “Portuguese Man O’War” has sliding, creaking synth tones that sound like groaning ghosts, and seem designed to make you feel uncomfortable. “What Does Your Heart Tell You” has bubbling, slightly prickly melodies on top of crunchy beats, gradually getting more blurry and scattered. “Falling Through the Cracks” is heavy and cathartic, ending up with layers upon layers of demonic screams. “Reasons to Live” might aurally seem as dark and foreboding as the rest of the album, but its lyrics are actually scraping out affirmations and encouragements. “Prophetess” is supremely icy and haunting, but stops short of pushing you into a well of fear. “All the Rabbits in the Tiergarten”, previously heard on the most recent Planet Mu compilation, has choppy, fluctuating, semi-ravey beats and a gentle flutey melody, while trancey strings rise and fill the track with a sense of courage needed to overcome something frightening, with necessary actions that could potentially have a major impact on one’s life.

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