Anodyne: Decayed EP (Acroplane Recordings, 2021)

April 16, 2021 at 3:37 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Anodyne: Decayed EP

Skam alumni follows 2020’s Decay LP with an EP bringing two of that album’s tracks to vinyl for the first time, as well as an enviable batch of remixes. Opener “We Are All We Have” is dark, cavernous midtempo IDM, which is nice, but the more ravey, breaky “Lockdown 3.2X” is much more fun, while still touched with a shade of post-industrial darkness. The original “We Are All We Have” had a strong early Autechre feel to it, so it’s interesting that Autechre’s own mix of the track is much more vaporous and ambient, de-emphasizing the futuristic beats and sort of hollowing it out into a ghostly reflection. Somatic Responses keep the party spirit of “Lockdown” intact, but simultaneously tighten it up a bit while letting it slip off the rails slightly. The digital version has additional remixes of album tracks. Primary Node’s mix of “We Are Not Okay” starts out broken and bumpy but ends up more free-cruising 4/4 techno. Lackluster’s “Illusion of Gods” is epic, prismatic IDM which allows you to catch your breath as it airs out during its final minute. “Follow Through Hell (S>>D Remix)” is perhaps the rawest and most subterranean track here, walking a tight, tense line without falling apart and losing it.

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