Casper Mcfadden: Stasis (log) + Original Soundtrack (Kitty On Fire, 2021)

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Casper Mcfadden: Stasis (log)

The current wave of artists carrying the torch for breakcore seem to be young producers obsessed with anime and video games, sharing the same post-millennial angst as the rest of Gen Z, but also fixated with channeling a bit of the euphoria of vintage rave and jungle from before they were born. Chicago’s Casper Mcfadden has been producing some standout work lately, with Stasis (log) from earlier this year being one of the highlights of his growing catalog, along with last year’s Audio Diary. Zipping by in half an hour, the album expertly strings together several two-minute bursts of airy, sugary keyboards and hypercharged breakbeats as well as some occasional silly samples, but not in a way that seems overtly jokey or meme-y like entire other subgenres of breakcore. It definitely seems like music that’s made in an attempt to drown out all the bullshit of modern life, but while it’s playing, it’s hard not to feel glee. Just really well produced, creative, energetic breakcore with wide-eyed melodies and traces of juke twitchiness.

Casper Mcfadden: Original Soundtrack

Original Soundtrack also came out recently, and it’s a collection of shorter tracks made since the release of the album. Half of them have the word “throwaway” in the title, and others have very demo/test-like titles, so it’s safe to say this is merely outtakes and not a proper album, particularly given how well the sequencing on Stasis (log) is. Even still, it’s worth a listen. Some nice breakbeat workouts, a few interesting switch-ups, and a whole lot of energy, just not quite as inspired as his main albums.

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