v/a: Trilogy Vol. 2 (Mean Streets, 2021)

March 25, 2021 at 10:28 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

v/a: Trilogy Vol. 2

I’ll say right now that I am totally up for a full-on ’00s-era dubstep revival. This one has a few familiar names to anyone who was following grime/sublow/etc. about 15 years ago (Kromestar, D.O.K, P Jam) and it retains that vibe without sounding stuck in a time warp. Boylan’s “Book of the Dead” starts it off nice and evil, with Psycho-tic strings and an especially sinister use of that “Hello, lover” sample. Trends’ “Slap” is bejeweled with an outward spiraling sequence, while the beat is straight-up rough business. Silas’ “Source” is more on an antsy, duck-and-dodge grime tip. D.O.K’s “I Am Eternal” also has Norman Bates vibes, but with complex trappy beats that are on the attack. “Alien Encounter” by P Jam starts off with a news report about “Hot Jupiters”, but the track itself, while minimal, is strangely tropical due to its percussion. The next two selections, by Trends & Boylan and Kromestar, are big, menacing sumo wrestler tracks. Lastly, P Jam and D.O.K’s “Funky Nandos” is a bit more jumpy and playful, with canned horns and skidding tires adding more color to the bouncy rhythm.

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