Nickolas Mohanna & Matt Schulz: Automatic (Run/Off Editions / bs,bta, 2021)

March 21, 2021 at 12:30 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Nickolas Mohanna & Matt Schulz: Automatic

Guitarist Nickolas Mohanna and drummer Matt Schulz team up for two lengthy rhythmic explorations. “Jump Cut” is on the more minimal side of Krautrock, with Mohanna’s guitars flickering and simmering in a very disciplined manner while Schulz sort of embellishes the rhythm rather than provide a strong, commanding beat. It all seems to walk a very taut line until the last minute or so, when it all lets loose and becomes free. “End-Cab Switcher” picks right up from this thread, and here the drums dart around while the guitars multiply and expand outward. Slides and scrapes across the fretboard and the momentary wheezing of a harmonica help sustain the momentum. Early on it seems like the calmer side of free jazz, but it gradually gets more intense, to the point where it’s more of a whirlwind than you might even realize.

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