v/a: Rondogs Vol. 1 (Super Hexagon, 2021)

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v/a: Rondogs, Vol. 1

British label Super Hexagon has released a few remarkable bass music/braindance-orbit EPs by artists like FFT and J.Wiltshire over the past 5 years. Their newest release is a Bandcamp-exclusive compilation with all profits going to Key Changes Music Therapy in Winchester. The beats gradually creep in with the first few tracks, with “Proximity” by ISMAEL. (track 3) being a sort of grime/IDM hybrid with fizzling horns and beats that swiftly pounce around. Jo Rae’s “20EG20” is dystopian robots-roaming-the-halls music that also has a kind of garage swing to it. Cocktail Party Effect follows his tremendous album from last year with “Car Crash Handshake”, some steel girder dubstep which emits light beams. J-Shadow’s track is a bit more clubby and accessible than the rest of the comp, but Kindohm’s “IG” drops us deep into the pit of the algorave, with sporadic beats cracking skulls in from all corners. The mighty Christoph De Babalon’s “The Legendary Sleep” is simply majestic, equal parts cinematic splendor and rough, ride-out jungle. {arsonist}’s “Idempotent” is definitely more IDM-sounding than her usual work but far from impotent, revealing emotions through its flickering, prismatic beats. Gooooose’s “Ion” closes the comp, with heart-racing arpeggios and choral vocals blooming out of gentle pianos.

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