Linaire: s/t (Capital Zero, 2020)

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Linaire: s/t

Anna Atkinson, the songwriter behind Linaire, sings gentle tunes over minimalist, Casio-ish drum machines and keyboards, sometimes with additional instruments such as a viola or contrabass. Like the first song says, “maybe it’s a litte bit sad”. Definitely reminiscent of early Julia Holter, as the music is minimalist, but the vocals are a bit more complex. “No Part of Me Ever Dies” has some Weyes Blood vibes for certain. “The Inside, The Outside” is a nice little cosmic waltz about divine powers. “I’ll Buy You Lunch” seems simple and childlike, but unexpectedly seems concerned with mortality; after its title repeats in the chorus, Atkinson says “Just don’t give your life away”. “Oh Who” incorporates swinging cellos, round-like vocals, and some skittery drum machines in the middle. The lush, gorgeous “Snowshoe” is probably the highlight of this set. “Worked That Way” is one of the most hypnotic tracks here, especially towards the end when the drum machine and viola come in.

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