Ryan Dugré: Three Rivers (11A Records, 2021)

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Ryan Dugré: Three Rivers

Brooklyn-based guitarist and composer Ryan Dugré regularly plays with artists like indie singer/songwriters Cass McCombs and Eleanor Friedberger, but on his own, he makes evocative instrumentals which drift between modern classical, folk, soundtracks, and dream pop. The twelve mostly-brief pieces on Three Rivers sometimes feature string arrangements, pedal steel, and other instrumentation, but Dugré’s delicate, affectionate guitar melodies are the main focus. “Foxglove” starts like a wistful movie theme, and is augmented with gentle drumming and a sprinkle of synth melodies, then later picks up into a more galloping tempo, set alight with flurries of strings. The sparse, haunting “Stalking Horse” is closer to ethereal darkwave, and easily one of my favorite moments here. “Shining” has a similar melody, but played on piano, and is doubled up with a further guitar melody and strings. “In the Silence” captures a somewhat similar feeling, but the steel guitar brings a bit of levity.

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