Luke Lund: Hopium (Ohm Resistance, 2020)

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Luke Lund: Hopium

Ohm Resistance quietly put out some stunners last year that didn’t get nearly enough attention. The Dadub album was phenomenal, and this release by Finnish polymath Luke Lund is similar in how it just completely dismantles the structures of dub, industrial, and heavy bass music in general. Very broken rhythmic patterns which do manage to interlock in their own ways, and blankets of noise propelled by dirty bass explosions. There’s traces of mutated Kevin Martin ragga pressure and dislocated Vladislav Delay-type rhythms and Pan Sonic harshness, but Lund is still speaking a language of his own. “Pillface” is one of the most dizzying tracks here — rave buzzcut synths, thudding 7/4 kicks, super queasy feedback delay. “Hive” is such a disorienting array of howls, acidic bubbles, and chattering crashes. Just absolutely remarkable work which rips straight through the barriers.

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