Jeff Greinke: Other Weather (Spotted Peccary, 2021)

February 28, 2021 at 12:58 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Jeff Greinke: Other Weather (Spotted Peccary, 2021)

Like his previous album, 2018’s marvelous Before Sunrise, Jeff Greinke’s newest work blends ambient soundscapes with intimately recorded acoustic instruments. This album sounds further from dark ambient and space music, and closer to neo-classical and chamber music. Continuing the longstanding weather theme present throughout his discography (just look at his past album titles: Cities in Fog, Big Weather, Moving Climates, etc.), the album is filled with rolling textural clouds and melodic figures which convey various weather patterns and phenomena. There’s more downcast tracks like the slowcore trudge of “Rain Through the Night” as well as more dramatic, swelling epics like “Snow Across a Windswept Plain”. “Clouds Like Flying Saucers” is more mysterious and hard to grasp, with delicate notes tripping over each other, but in a way that’s obviously deliberate and purposeful, making you ponder what exactly is occurring. The piano-driven “After the Rain” immediately hits a sort of mood similar to Aphex Twin’s “Fingerbib”, but more unbound and meandering. Tracks like that one and “Across the Sky” certainly feel like staring up at the clouds and noticing weird shapes, yet the music itself is far from being random and formless.

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