William St Hugh: Terra Former (self-released, 2020)

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William St Hugh: Terra Former

The fourth album from this mysterious Massachusetts-based composer is a set of dark, cinematic neo-classical pieces which vary between rising-and-falling ambience and more bombastic fanfares (like “Cascade”). The brief “Blinking Drops” is more twitchy, jittery, and IDM-y, with a menacing kick drum pounding nervously away underneath. The shivering, cavelike “Diluted” is like Popol Vuh by way of the KLF’s Chill Out. “Gone to Ground” is maybe the most ominous and dark ambient-sounding piece here, a dreadscape of metallic whirring and stirring void. “Terra Former” contains at least a tiny glimmer of hope, and “Elevation” is a grand shining of horns and strings. “Dust Queen” is one last turn of the tide, casting a glance back on the themes of the album as the moonshadows fall.

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